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Rick Hermans, PE HFDP
Director and Regional Chair
Region VI
January 2021

We are a dedicated group of some 4300 people who are connected to the HVAC&R industry. We have eleven chapters in seven states in the upper Midwest.

I have had the privilege of attending many chapter meetings and chapter board meetings this year and find the overall health of the Region to be good. Since most meetings are virtual, they can be experienced by anyone by reaching out to the chapter president and requesting a link. There have been great technical sessions that offer continuing education hours for those of us who need professional development hours.

The Region conducted a very successful CRC in October. We had 167 members participating over two weeks. The workshops were particularly well attended due to the virtual format. Kudos to the host committee – Central Illinois led by Ashleigh Brown and Jamie Moehling for planning not one but three different CRC schedules in the year before the event. They received hardy congratulations from the visiting Society officers and staff for an excellent CRC.
We were all “building the boat while sailing” this CRC planning effort and along the way we were able to incorporate some fun into the usually dry virtual environment. There was a fun welcome party and an awards celebration capped with a Halloween costume contest. The results of the contest can be found on this web site.

One concern during planning pertained to how we would reward our sponsors for their generosity and the host committee came up with a great method to allow the sponsors to communicate directly with the attendees via Zoom meeting rooms. This is analogous to

having a series of table top displays but more intimate where attendees can talk freely with sponsor representatives about products and services. It was one of the successes from this conference.

Our Region’s membership renewals have taken a bit of a hit since the pandemic started. Many of our members have suffered from various difficulties which limits their ability to participate in the Society. There are options available for ASHRAE staff to assist members when this occurs. Feel free to contact staff at membership@ashrae.org for more information

Every year, we are seeking ways for members to advance their careers through the various committees that make up the technical and administrative structure of the Society. If you or someone you know would like to serve on an ASHRAE committee at any level, contact your chapter president to share this information. That will be passed along via the nomination process for consideration. Now is a good time to set up your chapter nominating committee to start looking for chapter leaders next year. You could also begin looking for chapter members eligible for chapter, regional, and Society awards.

It is not too soon to begin planning for the 2021 CRC in Green Bay, Wisconsin April 29th – May 1st. Current planning is assuming a “Hybrid” style conference where there will be both actual and virtual attendance. See you there!
Finally, thank you to all members for what you do for ASHRAE, helping us to fulfill the vision of providing “A healthy and sustainable built environment for all.”

Region VI consists of the following Chapters: